Euroball winner at Lottery52
Geordie Lottolander won £785k bet

Responsible Play

Here are some of the tools available to help you manage your online spend on Lotto products.

  • Lower your spending limits: You can set your own weekly and monthly personal spending limits. When you’re logged into your account just click on your account balance, Settings, then Spending limits.
  • Enforced delay: To help prevent spontaneous decisions to increase your spending, once you have lowered your limits there’s a stand down period before any increase will be made active. Changes to your weekly limit will take effect on the following Sunday and changes to your monthly limit will take effect on the 1st of the following month.
  • Block yourself from games: You can block yourself from playing any of our games on Lottery52 for a time period of your choice, preventing you from purchasing tickets online during that time. Once set this cannot be cancelled or adjusted. When you’re logged into your account just click on your account balance, then Block games. When you block yourself from a game we will automatically stop any subscription for that game.
  • Exclusion from email reminders: When you block yourself from our games we automatically remove you from our email communications for that game, for the duration of your self-exclusion. You can also unsubscribe from our email reminders at any time by clicking on your account balance then Notification settings.
  • Maximum account balances: You cannot deposit funds to the credit of your account in excess of $999. If your account balance is higher than $999 due to prizes credited to your account you cannot purchase tickets until you have reduced the balance of your account to under $999.
  • Know the odds: The odds of all our games are available to help you make informed choices based on the facts and keep your chances of winning in perspective.
  • Know the warning signs and where to get help: Our How to Play Responsibly brochure provides information on the warning signs of potential problem gambling and provides information on where to get help.

What to do if playing Lotto games is no longer fun

If you think you, or someone you know, may have a problem with gambling there is help available. Write to us and we will provide the Agency or facility closest to you.