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Lottery52 Gift Vouchers

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More fun for everyone

 We know you love playing Lotteries, Syndicates and Raffles from around the world with Lottery52, so why not share the experience with your family and friends. Lottery52 Gift Vouchers are the perfect way to share your passion for international lotteries, making the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays or any other ocassion.

Sending a Lottery52 Gift Voucher is simple and straightforward. It takes only a few seconds to purchase and you can pay using your existing Lottery52 account. The lucky recipient simply signs up for an account and uses their Lottery52 Gift Voucher to start playing for millions every single week.

A corporate gift to remember

Lottery52 Gift Vouchers also make an original corporate gift to send to your clientes, employees and supliers.

If you input the recipient’s email address, we can send them their Lottery52 Gift Voucher code along with a personal message from you and information on how to play.
You can choose any lottery, syndicate or Millionaire Raffle on the WinTrillions site. The only other thing you need to select is the duration of the subscription. The recipient can then choose to extend their subscription using their own funds or try out another Lottery52 product.
Your Lottery52 Gift Voucher can only be used to purchase the lottery tickets, syndicate shares or Millionaire Raffle tickets specified by the buyer. It has no cash value and cannot be swapped for any other WinTrillions product. Of course, you can withdraw any prize money you receive from the games you play with your gift voucher.
You can give any lottery, syndicate or Millionaire Raffle on the WinTrillions site and there is no limit to the amount you can spend. The cost of your gift voucher is the same as if you were playing for yourself.
Vouchers need to be redeemed within 12 months of the purchase date.
Once your Lottery52 Gift Voucher code has been redeemed, the code can’t be used again.
It’s simple. Click on the link below, select which Lotería52 product you would like to give and how long you would like the subscription to last. Once payment is made we will give you a unique WinTrillions Gift Voucher code that can be used to set up your chosen subscription in the recipient’s account.

Give a Gift that could change their life forever

Lottery52 Gift Vouchers  Corporate Gift Voucher  

Why give Lottery52 Gift Vouchers?

  •  Let your friends or colleagues play the world’s richest lotteries too!
  •  Share your love of the world’s largest lottery site.
  •  Give an original and exciting gift.
  •  Choose exactly which game you want to give.
  •  Send a Lottery52 Gift Voucher via email.